Mark Roossien
Mark Roossien

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Being born in the North of Netherlands, many of the pictures on this website will be either from Netherlands or Spain, where I currently live.

For nearly all my life photography attracted me, but it really all began when I had to use a camera for work that photography really intrigued me. I began to realise the things that are possible with a camera. It was from this very moment that I created a serious interest for photography.

The journey started with a Canon 50D camera that I got from my dad, to use for product pictures for his company where I work. He bought the 50D some years ago and never really made many use of it for a long period of time.

We were (and still are) in need of good product pictures to put on the website. I am the one maintaining the website and the majority of the marketing for the company, the experience I have from my previous studies as a Game Artist and in Informatics are helping me tremendous with editing photos, creating websites and marketing.

For a long period I used to only make product photos for the website and for marketing. It was in the after-hours that I started taking the camera home to use it for other types of photography.

I spend a few cold nights looking for perfect spots to photograph the night sky. 

It was in this time that I bought a tripod and a remote control for the Canon 50D to use it for light photography. The interest in light photography came from my hobby/obsession with the universe and astronomy.
With the tripod and remote control I was able to make long-exposure shots of the milky-way and the stars.

I lost my mind the first time I saw all these stars on the camera preview screen. It was amazing that I could create such pictures! But there was much to learn.

And so began my journey into light, astronomy, landscape and drone photography. Present day I am the proud owner of a DJI Mavic Air, Nikon P900 and the Canon 50D that I can still only use for work. 

All the pictures on this website are solely made by myself and can be used for commercial or non-commercial use only with my permission. If you’re interested in any high-resolution image on this website feel free to contact me.

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Whenever I travel, I capture the places I visit. I’ll put them on Google Maps and leave a review for other people to experience the place the way that I did. Since I started doing this in 2016 it gained a lot of views and comments. Below you will find a few statistics.
Photos published
Places photographed

Photography on

I designed to showcase my photography experiences. It is both a portfolio and an informational platform. You may use the pictures on this website if you contact me first explaining what they will be used for. I will only ask you to leave (a) link/credits to my website or a kind of reference, that is all. The photos on this website are all made by myself and belong to me.


Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation.

Therefor in its essence photography can be seen as ‘playing with light’. What better way to use a black canvas to paint the light on? This is defined as ‘Light painting’ or ‘Luminography’. This way my first genre I started focusing on when I started out with photography. I still very much like to capture the night sky, stars and the moon in my frame.

Among night photography you can find the following styles such as: aerial(drone), night(long-exposure), architectural, landscape, sport, street, wildlife and occasionally portraits.


Since I bought my drone back in 2018 I took it for quite some flights. The places I captured so far are either in Spain or Netherlands. The pictures and videos you will find here are made by a DJI Mavic Air equipped with a 4k camera.

If you’re looking for videos or photos for your own project please contact me.


For a long time it has been a dream for me to have my own website where I can upload textures for designing purposes. With a background as Game Artist and working with 3D models, I always wanted my own library.

I carefully group these textures so they can be easily found and downloaded. If you use these textures on my website, please sent me a link of the final product.

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